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I will learn to be sweet as taemints, fiery passionate as flames, a precious locket to be opened by the right key, to shine like bling, & be a most valuable person

Jinki singing ballads or Jinki singing pop songs requested by anonymous

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Best of SHINee Shooting Sketches  [part 2] [1]

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remember when you could read your song titles? 


but now it’s just 



Enjoy the last few moments of a K-Pop free Red Velvet google search

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140727 Key’s IG UPDT: How to use the phone: a pipe, a shower, a videophone, a phone.

PS: He deleted the post. なんで消しちゃったの?かわいいのに

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Key clapping his own way

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edit!LTM «in celebration of Taemin’s upcoming solo debut»

I mean it when I say he’s is my inspiration. He has shown me that hard work really can overcome any kind of obstacle. Thank you for chasing your dreams, Taemin, and for showing all of us that they’re really not as far as we think they are. Good luck with your album my dear ^^

TITLE: Perfectly Charming SHINee
PLAYED: 17,229 times



SHINee doesn’t lack anything,
But there is still alot that we can’t do.
For example,
lip syncing
And we lack variety skills
Minus Lee Onew
Minus Lee Onew
Minus Lee Onew

We write lyrics well, harmonize well
And look good in skinny jeans
Minus Lee Onew
Minus Lee Onew
Minus you

Dad, you let me see the light in the world,
You taught me how to love
I love you

7x As expected from Lee Onew

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