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I will learn to be sweet as taemints, fiery passionate as flames, a precious locket to be opened by the right key, to shine like bling, & be a most valuable person
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HT: Jonghyun-hyung, shall we go to the karaoke room together? I want to sing Taemin’s song Danger!

J: No no don’t touch our fairy!

KHT: *starts signing danger*

J: Whats that?! Don’t copy the idol in front of (his fanclub) president!

(blue night august 20, 2104)

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[ 52 //  ] ❝sʜᴇʀʟᴏᴄᴋ ᴇʀᴀ ᴏɴᴇᴡ❞
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s1150886 asked: Top 5 favorite things to do with friends :]

Wow this is a really, really great question! I had fun making this list~

5. Making a meal together and then enjoying it! I especially like cooking brunch on the weekends (fruit pancakes & eggs) and packing picnic lunches (sandwiches & chips & juiceboxes)

4. Enjoying and creating ART together!!! Either a museum/garden visit or crafting our own cards or gifts :) or drawing hilarious caricatures of each other, making hair bows, knitting scarves, doing our own photoshoot, designing stuff on PS, etc.

3. Fangirling… Haha, has to be on the list. Reading fanfiction out loud (lol), watching drama/movies while snacking, “un-cheesing” each other when there is too much fluff, taking pictures of lee hyunwoo on our tv screen as if he were really there, going to concerts, marrying each other off to idols that we want as our brothers-in-law, noraebang, promoting our own fake girl group (JUICEBOXSCPH hwighting!)…

2. Community events! (Especially free ones haha and volunteering) Like visiting the county fair, going to free weekend/holiday concerts, open mic nights, picking our own hugeee watermelon at farmers markets and trying all the samples, picking fruit in general, supporting local artists (I’m still looking for a nice ring with a simple bow design), kitty/puppy adoption days, emergency services trainings (CPR and first aid ^^), literacy tutoring classes, help kids read to service doggies…

1. just talking. this is my favorite. I love to listen to my friends’ hearts and thoughts and stories. whether over tea or lunch or while we laze on the couch or on the phone through tears or while grocery shopping or taking the bus or walking around the park… or we don’t even have to talk, I like listening to the comfortable space between us too~

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131107 - A fan told Jonghyun his hat is cute, and he said “It’s Onew hyung’s~ I stole it from the dorms.” Then Kibum said, “Really?” and Jonghyun said, “Yes, just the hat.” When fans said, ‘Your sweater is cute too!’ he said, “Yes, it’s mine.” And when fans said, ‘Your face is handsome!’ he said, “Yeah, that’s mine to


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140817 Jonghyun twitter update

@realjonghyun90: 탬덕후들 ㄷㄷㄷ
심지어 회장님 탬느님 오른쪽에 자리잡으심ㄷㄷㄷ
계타심 ㄷㄷㄷ

Taemdeokus tremble tremble tremble
The head of the fanclub is even standing to Taemin-god’s right tremble tremble tremble
He’s a lottery winner tremble tremble tremble

(Note: Taemdeoku = hardcore taemint)

Translation credit @shiningtweets


tell me someone did this on purpose

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Jonghyun cover of Danger (?) feat. Taemin’s approval (c)